How women think about sex: At 8 ignore it, Age 18 experience it, Age 28 look 4 it, Age 38 ask 4 it, Age 48 beg 4 it, Age 58 pay 4 it, Age 68 pray it, Age 78 4get it.
This cat, is cat, a cat, good cat, way cat, to cat, keep cat, a cat, idiot cat, busy cat, for cat, 20 cat, seconds cat! Now read it all without the word cat!
I’m crazy, I’m fool, But my penis beautiful!
There was a cat and a rooster sitting by the creek. The cat fell into the water and the rooster laughed. LESSON: For every wet PUSSY, there's a happy COCK!
Virginity is like a balloon, one prick and it's gone forever!
I love you in blue. I love you in red but most of all. I love you in bed.
In jealousy there is more self-love, than love.
No Flay From Fate (От судьбы не улетиш)!
Sex is like Nokia (connecting people)... like Nike (just do it) Pepsi (ask for more)... like Coca-cola (enjoy)... like SAMSUNG (everyone is invited) and like ME (TO GOOD TO BE TRUE)...
370HSSV 0773H .... Can you crack this code? No? ... OK, Turn your phone upside down!
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